Story About Us !

The Maritime Union of India represents the Merchant Navy Officers who are the members of this Union. We are affiliated to the International Transport Workers’ Federation, London, U.K. representing more than 600 transport workers’ trade unions in over 135 countries, representing around 5 million workers around the world. We are also affiliated to Hind Mazdoor Sabha, New Delhi, India which represents a very large section of workers from various industries in India. We are also lawfully represented on Government and Semi Government Maritime Boards and Committees. We also liaison with a large section of social and welfare organizations.

Our Union supports, participates and organizes medical awareness and welfare camps. Our main object and aim is to work for better terms and conditions of employment of the Merchant Navy Officers who are our members. Our Union enters into periodic agreement with the National and International Shipping Companies. By virtue of such periodic agreements we are able to establish welfare funds for the Merchant Navy officers and their families. The Union has a Branch/Liaison offices in Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Chennai and Tuticorin. We are planning to open few more liaison offices in major ports of India. The Union staff is well experienced and capable of handling and extending guidance in the matter of taxation, legal, financial and medical awareness.

The administration of the Union is being guided by the Executive Committee members who are elected periodically under the rules of the Indian Trade Union Act 1926. The Maritime Union of India has the support of eminent persons and experts who are actively engaged and involved in Legal, Medical, Maritime, Social, Welfare and Charitable activities. We publish our home Journal OCEANITE every quarter and it is distributed free of cost to our members and the Shipping fraternity.

We also have an arrangement with United India Insurance Company Ltd to cover Merchant Navy Officers’ Certificate of Competency to support legal cost at the time of court proceedings . We firmly support Government and all Maritime Organizations for the Merchant Navy Officers employment prospects, welfare and solidarity. We are ever ready to work as partner with the Shipping fraternity for the sake of the Merchant Navy Officers in all spheres of Maritime development, progress and prosperity.