Benefits of MUI

The Maritime Union of India

The Maritime Union of India(MUI) established on 3rd Dec. 1939, the only union representing Indian Merchant Navy officers has had an eventful and glorious past, since it's inception in 1939, with both British and Indian Merchant Navy officers as it's members in the in the initial years. It continues to cater to the needs of it's members.

Benefits of being a member of MUI

Guidance on employment, advise on medical, legal, income tax and insurance matters.

MUI arranges insurance cover of your CoC with United India Insurance(for financial support during Marine Court of inquiry in India and abroad.

Free delivery of our quarterly home journal 'Oceanite'. It contains maritime news, M.S. notices, articles relevant to shipping and general topics. MUI will consider your articles if you so desire.

Limited financial support to member officers and their immediate family (Wife and 2 children- up to age of 25) for medical treatment.You and your immediate family can stay at Convalescent Homes*. In your absence, your wife along with your children can avail the benefits of home. For further information kindly write to the Maritime Floating Staff Welfare Trust (MFSWT) or The Merchant Navy Officers' Welfare Fund (MNOWF).

In a difficult situation, MUI will extend assistance in all ports through our affiliates and fraternal unions.

You Should Insure your Certificate

The United India Indemnity Insurance Policy protects you against Competency Certificate effected by Marine Court of Enquiry.

Benefits of CoC Insurance

  • Suspension of Certificate : Compensation for your certificate.*
  • Cancellation of Certificate : compensation over a period of 18 months.*
  • Certificate replaced by lower Certificate Compensation. Provided that this Policy is in force on that day of the incident giving rise to an official inquiry into a Shipping Casualty (or was in force at least six months prior to same.)
  • Legal assistance in India before the Marine Court of Inquiry where Competency would be disputed up.*
  • Marine Inquiry outside India : Legal assistance*
  • ( " * " indicates terms & conditions, kindly contact our offices for further details on CoC benefits)

Benefits of CoC Insurance

Policy covers Competency Certificates only, but not against cancellation of disciplinary misconduct or legal offences. The Insurance Company or the union is not bound to give notice for renewal of premium

  • When you have insured your Certificate please remember
  • The Renewal Date so that you may remit your annual premium at least one month before the due date
  • To keep membership up-to-date insurance benefits is extended only to fully paid Members of the Union
  • For queries related to benefits of MUI kindly mail us at or fill the Contact Us form here

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