Mission and Vision


From the very inception MUI believes in maintaining and protecting the Dignity, Prestige, Respect and Professional values of our members. MUI strongly protest to those who indulge in discrimination, exploitation, causing injustice and intervening with the rights of members entailing in dishonoring the terms of the negotiated Agreements and/or bilateral Contract terms of the members. Our mission is to extend assistance to the members in their dire needs MUI team is always standby to extend help to members whenever they call on us.As always MUI legalteam is ready to guides theirmember whenever situation arises. MUI supports the policies of the Governments, UNO bodies and International Shipping Bodies. Through our Journal, Newsletter and website MUI regularly update the members of latest information concerning their professional and employment objects. We discourage nor support indiscipline acts, corruption and deliberate efforts to damage seafarers’ communities as well as ship owners’ properties. MUI encourages and support WOMEN to build up their profession values and dignity. MUI expects from members in making their Union efficient, reliable and stronger to serve them better in all respect. The Maritime Union of India support implementation of Maritime Labor Convention 2006.


MUI’s vision is to support themembers whenever need arises ensuring in upgrading their profession values, technical, legal and commercial knowledge with add on qualificationsto the utmost in the competitive shipping scenario. Our vision is that our members should be able to extend their expertiseand strength by virtue of their knowledge to afloat and ashore merchant navy personnel, shipping organizations as well as should be in a position to recommend and lay future plans for shipping industry. MUI vision is to co-ordinate with national, international shipping industry, Government, ILO, IMO as well as with international seafarers’ organizations. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our members are part of national and international shipping expert committees.