Terms & Conditions (Maritime Union of India) having it’s registered office at Udyog Bhavan, 4th floor, 29 Walchand Hirachand Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400 001. Tel. 91-22-22613052 / 91-22-22615507 is hereby referred as

Rule 17 of the Constitution of The Maritime Union of India - Membership Fess with effect from January 1, 2013.

1. The Entrance Fee for Members shall be Rs. 100/- , Members in good standing (i.e. fully paid-up members) of other organization having similar affiliation as the Union, and otherwise eligible for membership shall be exempted from the payment of entrance fees.

2. Membership fees shall be at the rate of Rs. 85/- per month payable annually (i.e. Rs. 1020/-)

3. A member defaulting in payment of fees for twelve months seeking re-admission shall be required to pay a sum of Rs. 1020/- in addition to arrears. This requirement may however be waived at the discretion of General Secretary.

4. Cessation of membership for whatever cause shall not entitle the member or other person to refund of membership fees paid.

5. The Membership fees shall stand revised at the same rate of percentage by which basic wage of the members are revised after finalisation of agreement. It shall be rounded of Rs.10/-.