The Maritime Union of India
represents the Merchant Navy Officers who are members of this Union

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Rule 4 of the Constitution of The Maritime Union of India - Membership Fess with effect from January 1, 2018.

Admission of Full Member

  • To establish close working relationship and co-ordinate with National, International Shipping industry and seafarers’ organizations, government, world bodies including ILO and IMO. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our members are part of national and international shipping expert committees.
  • To support members whenever the need arises ensuring in upgrading their profession values, technical, legal and commercial knowledge with add on qualifications to the utmost in the competitive shipping scenario.
  • Our members should be able to extend their expertise and strength by virtue of their knowledge to afloat and ashore merchant navy personnel, shipping organizations as well as should be in a position to recommend and lay future plans for shipping industry.
  • MUI expects from members in making their Union efficient, reliable and stronger to serve them better in all respect.
  • A candidate shall apply by filling prescribed form available at the Union Office along with the registration fees and membership fees as prescribed by the Managing Committee from time to time.
  • The Union, through its Managing Committee shall have right to refuse membership by assigning proper reasons.
  • Every member upon being admitted as a member of the Union shall be deemed to have agreed to abide by the Rules and Constitution, as framed and/or formed from time to time by the Union.
  • The registration fees for the member shall be Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only), which will be subjected to revival by the General Body, from time to time.
  • The Membership fees shall be at the rate of Rs.1800/- (Rupees One Thousand Eight Hundred only) payable annually, which will be subjected to revival by the General Body, from time to time.
  • Cessation and/or termination and/or expulsion and/or suspension of membership for whatever cause shall not entitle the member or other person for refund of any fees paid.