The Maritime Union of India
represents the Merchant Navy Officers who are members of this Union

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Membership fees : Rs. 1800/- per annum
Entrance Fees (For first time members - one time payment) : Rs. 500/-

Details Of Next Of kin Declared By You At The Time Of Joining The Company
Sr No. Full Name Relationship Mobile E-mail ID

The details are required to assist you in case of contingency and/or in case of emergency.
I will be abide by the rules and regulation of constitution of the Union, I agree, undertake and confirm that all agreements entered and or execute by MUI towards representation of its members shall be binding and enforceable by/upon me and accordingly, I authorise MUI to directly collect my membership fees through my employer.
I therefore request you to enroll me as the member and/or renew my membership of the The Maritime Union of India.


COC protection is extende to fully paid up members only. Certificate protection fees of Rs.200 (Rupees two hundred only) per year payable on or before renew date.